Question to Keep You Up at Night

What makes someone cool?

I feel like there are two kinds of people that are considered “cool:” there’s the person who knows all of the current slang, wears all the latest fashion trends, knows all the popular music before it even comes out… we all know that person, the one who could honestly get a job as a predictor of weather or something because they somehow ALWAYS know what the newest thing is before anybody else.

And there’s the person who wear classics, who always says the right things, who has music taste that never gets old… they also happen to be really good at talking to parents. They seem timeless.

So what is it? Being in the whirl-wind of pop culture, always knowing what’s up? Or being consistent in the way you present yourself?

Or maybe the whole thing is swagger. Because mullets used to be cool and people who like old-school Billy Joel definitely have some respect from most.



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