Question to Keep You Up at Night

What’s the right way to be proud of yourself?

Pride teeters on the edge of confidence and ego. It’s one of those things that needs to be measured exactly, an overdose or under-dose can cause lots of problems. Although its important to be proud of yourself, there are ways that being proud either makes you or other feel lesser.

#humblebrag I mean, we’ve all done it. Sneakily slip your math grade into a conversation, off-offhandedly mention your new shoes. We all like to get attention, and sometimes, that leads us to pretend we’re not fishing for compliments. But everybody else sees that mile long fishing line you’ve cast out. This kind of being proud can make you seem full of yourself, or desperate for attention.

The next big thing. Another thing about being proud is failing to let yourself actually feel that pride, but instead focusing on what you still haven’t accomplished. Some people might see this as drive or determination, but not letting yourself celebrate your accomplishments leads to thinking that you never are enough. That focus on the next thing you have to do can spiral out of control, and become an obsession. Goals are usually accomplished in pieces, and those smaller feats are just as important. Give yourself time to feel pride about the smaller things, then set your sights on the next thing. 

Pride is a you thing. Another way to kill pride is to compare what you are proud of to other people. Pride is a feeling that usually about something you did, or something you are proud of. The point is that pride is a feeling that you have, and it doesn’t matter what others around have done. There will always be someone better than you, and if your pride is demolished by the comparison to those people, you will never feel proud.

Keep your head up, but not too high so that you don’t see the people around you.


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