Question to Keep You Up at Night

Are resolutions helpful?

On one hand, no. Because there is nothing special about January 1st that will make all goals automatically attainable. A new year won’t make you suddenly motivated to start working out, or swear less or stop eating sugar. And honestly, the things you want to change could change anytime of the year.

And then again, maybe that change of the calendar is the push you need to try something new. And if writing a list about things that are going to change with the new year, than take that and run with it.

Also, the resolutions matter, too. If the goal is too big, and you have no plan to get there (like saying you will run a marathon but you don’t train at all). Maybe monthly goals would be better, and easier to maintain.

Either way, happy New Year! Whether you are taking this time to reflect, or look ahead, good luck.



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