Question to Keep You Up at Night

How do people say “I love you”?

Warning! This is not a post about how to tell if someone likes you, sorry (or you’re welcome).

The three little words that are completely over-used in everyday life still carry so much weight. Saying “I love you” can change an entire relationship, or secure it, or ruin it. However, not everyone says it the same way. In fact, some people don’t even say it at all.

Verbal “I Love You”

Some people will just tell you that they love you, either using the three little words or not. They’ll say it out loud, or tell you through writing, but it’s never hard to know if the love you or not, because they are rather straight forward. However, sometimes these kinds of people can say it too much, or to too many people, and it can lose it’s significance.

Physical “I Love You”

Affection through contact can also be a way to let someone know that they are loved. Of course, hugging and kissing are the obvious ones. But holding hands, or resting their head on your shoulder, or even just letting their shoulder touch yours can mean “I love you”, or at least “I feel comfortable around you”.

Protective “I Love You”

The actual words “I love you” are usually never in the picture for this one. Rather, they remind you to pack a lunch, or practice for your piano recital, or help you study for a test. It doesn’t always feel like love in the moment. Sometimes it feels normal, or even annoying. But they are going out of their way for you, which means they care for you.


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