Question to Keep You Up at Night

How deep should you be on the internet?

Is the internet, place of funny vine compilations, heart-warming soldier homecoming videos and stories with fake headlines used as “click bait” the place to let out all you emotions and secrets?

I mean, think about it. People always joke around, saying not to believe everything on the internet because none of it is true. They aren’t wrong, it takes very little skill and intellect to upload a comment or website or blog post (yikes!) about wrong information. And too many times, people take advantage of that ability and choose to share false information, which others will believe. And with all the talk of fake news, or YouTube videos tagged as “***not clickbait!***” that turn out to be, yep, clickbait, it’s not hard to see why people already go onto the internet with apprehension.

In all honesty, the internet seems to be a place where people want to share EVERYTHING. So if you choose to share a sad, or emotional, or powerful story, like many do, you are competing with comic or satyric content. The internet is not exactly a great diary. It does not serve just one person and their emotions. It serves everyone, making it a loud, fast-paced place. And, while most diaries are private, there are millions of people on the internet. And not all of them are nice. Some will take deep messages and twist them, or debate them, or disregard them all together.

However, the internet can reach millions. While it is not at all private, some people might not want their messages to be private. A lot of deep messages shared through the internet can change people, help people, heal people. So the answer might be in the intention of the deep content. Is it to share private information in order to receive help? Instead, turn to a guidance counselor, an actually pen-and-paper diary, or a close friend. If the intention is, however, to inspire or help others who may benefit from hearing your story, than the internet may be the place to share. Just don’t expect to be heard over all the cat videos.



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