Question to Keep You Up at Night

You Asked for It! Part 2

Why is java script the programming language of the web even though it is objectively the worst programming language?

Oh, man. You’re really making me work for it, aren’t you. I’m assuming it’s still used because people think it’s easy to learn, and it’s already so popular. However, I can tell from your tone, mystery question asker, that you aren’t falling for that. I honestly don’t know what to tell you. It’s probably one of the those things where something gets so common that it becomes harder and harder to change it. Good luck in you anti-java script endeavors.

Is the recent success in employment, our economy, and military, the result of Trump’s presidency or being carried over by the work president Obama has completed?

Experts are debating this on the news every other week, and if they still don’t have an answer, then I’m not sure anybody does! Obama got the United States out of a recession, and Trump seems to be continuing the trend. Employment dipped under Obama, and so far, it hasn’t risen with Trump as president. There’s been a lot of talk about whether Trump really cares about the military since he has been reluctant to call or respect the families of fallen soldiers. But both Obama and Trump were and are calling the shots during a difficult time for the military, since we are involved in war overseas, which can’t be easy.

How to ask for different options in the lunchroom (For example, more tofu).

From what I’ve hear, Chef Simon and the rest of the kitchen staff are pretty receptive to requests, especially ones surrounding dietary restrictions. Talk to him directly, or ask the Dean or Ms. Parham about the best way to contact him. I’m sure they’d be happy to listen and try to help.

How can basically decent people support Donald Trump?

I don’t know! Honestly, this has been the question I’ve been asking myself since the election. I don’t think I have a good answer. But I’m trying to see people as more than their political views. Because I don’t like it when people look at me and only see one part of me. I’m not only a woman, only biracial, only an SPA kids, only a writer… I want people to take all of me into consideration. So, I know people, people who I love a respect who have completely opposite political beliefs as me. And sometimes it makes me mad, and I could and do argue with them too often. But we are both able to step away from out disagreements and understand that our bond is strong enough for us to get along and still disagree. I’m still trying my best to not shut down when someone tells me they support Trump. It’s hard, I’m the first to admit it. But there’s more to them, and probably reasons that I don’t understand that informed their political decisions.

Why are there no beets in the salad bar anymore?

Again, ask Simon! Also, maybe because not a lot of people like beets… but if you like them, go for it and promote their return to the lunch room.


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