Who Even Knows?

What can you expect of people?

I have this problem, where I expect everyone around me to be on the same page as me. I don’t know why I do this, it’s obvious that everyone around me is not like me, not from where I am from and has not had the same experiences. But when I have an epiphany, I assume everyone around me already had one, and that we’re all caught up to the same point. I do this a lot when exploring racial, gender, and other social issues. I read something, or have a conversation with a peer or teacher and my eyes are opened to things I haven’t seen or thought about before. I get so excited about implementing my new knowledge into my daily mindset, that I just assume everyone is at the same point in their journey, too.

This assumption didn’t seem harmful at first. But it kinda is. First of all, it’s disappointing. Because, as established before, not everyone is on the same page as me. If that was true, we’d all recognize and fight against systematic racism and sexism, all agree the musicals are the best thing in existence, and believe that chocolate has magical healing powers. But people aren’t all thinking that way, and that can make me really mad –  just like others are probably frustrated at me for not believing what they believe.

Secondly, it’s unfair to other people’s “journey”. Yeah, I’m cringing at that word choice, too. What I’m trying to say is the timeline of their epiphanies are different than mine. They might have had the realizations I am having before me, or after me, or not at all. And while that will probably never fail to frustrate me to some extend, it’s also the cool thing about individuality. I wish all humans could agree. But, I also wish all humans could agree with me, which basically means I want world domination, which is a different thing entirely.


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