Question to Keep You Up at Night

You Asked for IT! Part 3

I’m back with your questions!

WHAT IS LIFE?????????????????????

Ah, the classic question to end all questions. We’ve all heard the cliche answers to this one… life is what you make it, etc, etc. I’m positive there is no one answer to this, and maybe not even an answer at all. But I was once told by a friend (who probably heard it from someone else) that the meaning of life is the reasons you are still alive. I guess that is a little morbid… but I think it’s true. People that end their lives prematurely often feel like there is no longer a meaning or a point, right? So the meaning of life is the things you are thankful for, or looking forward to, or that make you excited.
How much should you obey your parents if they’re compromising your happiness (not talking about whether or not they’ll let you have ice cream for dinner, but rather if they’re limiting who you can be friends with or something like that)

I like this question. Here’s what I think. I think it’s possible to respect your parents while also living your own life. Because here’s the truth. Your parents raise you the best they can with morals that they find important and then, eventually, you control your own life. And ultimately, it’s up to you what advice of there’s you listen to and what you do your own way. This might offend them, but hopefully they’ll understand that it is your life, and you get to decide what risks you want to take, what lessons you’ll learn the hard way and who you want in and out of your life. Rebelling against your parents doesn’t mean you don’t respect them. When I go against my parents wishing, it’s never because I’m not grateful for all they’ve sacrificed for me.
How do you deal with procrastination?

Put your phone in a different room, reward yourself with short, fun study breaks, schedule in your free time, drink water to keep yourself awake and focused, use the scare tactic (“if I don’t study now, I could fail this test, and I can’t afford that”), make a “Productive Day” playlist, make a certain spot in your house/room/local coffee shop where no distraction are allowed… and try your hardest not to search Vine compilations or Buzzfeed quizzes.


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