Question to Keep You Up at Night

You Asked For It! Part 4

What kind of creature is a human being?

A Homo sapien? Right? Maybe? Is this a trick question? Or are you asking for a more poetic answer? From what I understand, humans are creatures with a lot of emotions, who need contact with other human creatures, and enjoy chocolate in large quantities… no? Just me?
How do you balance safety and privacy? (Also, how dependent is freedom in privacy?)

Hmmm. Well, just by reading this question for the first time, I assumed you’re asking about privacy and safety and freedom… online? I don’t know, that’s just what jumped to my mind. I think safety and privacy are very intertwined. Many people are private because they want to keep something safe, like their personal information, their reputation, their emotions. And freedom? I think freedom and privacy also being related (but maybe not dependent). Like, freedom would be the choice to share information or not, right? Freedom would be the choice to let people know the real you, or putting up a wall.
How can I make a difference?

What are your aspirations? I ask myself this all the time. What is it that I want to change? And then I go from there. Here’s the thing about changing the world –  it often goes unnoticed. But, believe it or not, the whole world doesn’t have to recognize you for changing it. Tell someone that they are worth it when they are having a bad day. Do more charity and volunteer work. Put a piece of fruit in your car to give to the homeless person that you drive by everyday. Give someone a call – yes, a call, not a text, use your voice. Write your senator on an issue. Tutor someone who needs help with homework. Adopt a pet from the shelter. We measure change on such a big scale. “Making a difference” because synonymous with making a name for yourself. Get involved, or don’t get involved, both are making impacts.


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