Deep Thoughts

What to do about FOMO?

I am the happiest when I’m the busiest. I’m also pretty tired, and worn out, but honestly, when I have a million things to coordinate or do, especially things that I enjoy doing, it really brightens my spirits. You’d think that because I’m always doing something (students clubs, theater, going out with friends, babysitting, doing homework, playing a sport, going to movies…) I would always feel fulfilled by what I’m doing.

Well, surprise! I don’t. Even when I have a jam packed weekend doing fun things that I truly want to do, I still will feel jealous or sad if my friends are doing something else that also looks fun. FOMO [Fear Of Missing Out] is the most illogical feeling EVER! Because I live such a priviledged and exciting life. I have the most amazing opportunities, and I’m lucky enough to take most of them. I often feel guilty when FOMO starts to kick in. Am I really that spoiled that I can’t be happy with what I’m doing with my life and I have to be obsessed with everything that everyone else is doing? That’s disgusting.

I guess it’s a knee jerk reactions. We all want what we can’t have, even if we are perfectly happy with that we have at the moment. I try my best to try and reason with myself when FOMO kicks in. I remind myself why I’m not there, and why I’m here and that even though it feels sad and urgent in that moment, it will pass and I will still have my own memories from whatever I’m doing that moment.


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