Question to Keep You Up at Night

How to deal with criticism and rejection?

Oof. This is not one of my strong suits. I hate getting negative feedback. I know that I’m not perfect, and I know that I make mistakes, but I have a really hard time just sitting and taking it when other people point that out.

The only issue is that there are a lot of things I care about that require me to sit and take negative feedback, or rejection. I care about improving. And in order to improve, I have to accept that I can get better, and that I currently am not perfect. And I have to listen to others tell me the same thing.

Someone very smart told me that it always hurts more when we get criticized for things we truly care about. If you told me I was a slow runner, I wouldn’t be offended, because 1) you are super right and 2) I don’t pride myself in being a fast runner. I’m not trying to get faster. I just run to run. But, if you told me that I was a below average writer, my heart would break. I really care about writing, and I think I’m pretty good at it – I believe it is a gift of mine. So, even when my teachers or parents are trying to help me edit a paper or essay, I really have to prepare myself for critiques, because I’m quick to get defensive.

It helps when I take a step back. I remember that most people that are criticizing me are doing it out of love, or in attempts to help me improve. It’s uncomfortable in the moment, but it will pass and I will grow from it. And for those who reject or critique others in harsh manners just to do it… life is too short for a person like that to be in my way.


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