Who Even Knows?

Is all activism good activism?

So, how do you define an activist? Because just saying that someone is "vegan" or "feminist" or "woke" doesn't really entail how one qualifies for those labels. Okay, so the term activist is so... broad. I feel like as soon as you announce that you stand for something, like "I'm against harming animals so I'm… Continue reading Is all activism good activism?

Who Even Knows?

Long distance relationships: do they work?

Here's the good news: yes! Long-term distance relationships are true tests of love, commitment and determination. And it doesn't matter the type of relationship, either. Family, friends, significant others; all of them require the same things. Here's what I've learned about long distance relationships, from real experience: You both have to be on board.┬áIt takes… Continue reading Long distance relationships: do they work?

Question to Keep You Up at Night

Can you always be politically correct?

It's exhausting trying not to offend anyone. I don't know why I'm writing this post, honestly. I'm one of the most easily offended people. I'm the person who watches comedians make racial jokes and frowns. Some people find that really uptight, and a lot of people, especially older generations, complains that the younger generations can't… Continue reading Can you always be politically correct?

Who Even Knows?

What should you know about mental health?

Here's what fascinates me. People really like to distance themselves from everything and anything related to mental health. There's such a big stigma around mental illness that people, me included sometimes, feel secure if they feel that mental illness and mental health are not in their wheelhouse. Our image of people in psych wards wearing… Continue reading What should you know about mental health?